The Buzzard


The lane loops back, coiling into itself,

becoming a dim crevasse,

so I drive slowly now,

following my headlights’ beam

under hedges which lean over a blind bend.

Here, while dawn hesitates to birth the day,

night still lingers amongst the tangled roots,

where tender lives tick off their measured beats.

The injured, the sick,

the feeble and shy,

their bodies pressing to the seeping soil,

as, pierced by my probing lights,

shadows shatter.

Those fragile lives, that easy meat betrayed,

exposed to cold sight, to a gaze which locks.

Dropping out of darkness,

it plunges, seizing a life for its life.

A glimpse of wings, of leopard spotted breast,

I stop the car to see the buzzard rise,

a soft rabbit swinging, foetal and plump,

alive as yet,

from its grasping, iron feet.

A moment,

then both bird and prey are gone,

vanished into the half-lit sky.


 Sara Davis

Jacquie Wyatt and James Galpin have published a collection of poems and photographs that both inspired and built from each other. 

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